Taye Bogale speaks about Berhane Meskel Segni


Serving our organization in Italy, which is a material organization built up by my incredible granddad in 1878. Between the two world wars the organization turns into the third biggest makers of covers in Europe. 


It was a significant pleasant activity. When backing during the time we moved to women wear and style textures and specialized textures to brandish so the weaving plant here should bolster the organization in Italy and to make specialized textures. 


Shockingly the money related emergencies in 2008 has constrained us to close the activity and we chose to move here to begin another business. 


The organization in Italy was supporting us to send a few things to Italy yet now it isn't there any longer so we move the business and as opposed to making syntactic textures we are making characteristic cotton and calfskin for packs.

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