Trump message to WHO head Dr Tewodros Adhanum


Trump message to WHO head Dr. Tewodros Adhanum and Ethiopian government set a cap for the measure of cash you can pull back every day 


Noticing that grasshoppers have been causing monstrous horticultural and natural harm in Ethiopia, FAO has been making colossal help to ensure the spread of beetle and misfortunes brought about by the multitude. 


The extra airplane is opportune and will assist with boosting the endeavors of checking the developments of desert insects and their example. 


The service will helpfully work with partners through appropriately manage and utilize the help gave by FAO, he brought up. 


It is to be reviewed that FAO has given one splashing airplane to Ethiopia to battle against insects in the nation on March 6, 20120. 


The beetle multitude, which initially relocated from the Arabian Peninsula, is at present influencing huge pieces of the Horn Africa district.

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