Jawar responded to constitutional interpretation and legal experts view


The consultation sorted out by Council of Constitutional request has proceeded with today pleasing a few remarks of long-serving researchers and legitimate specialists on the established understanding procedure a wide scope of related issues. 


The present hearing is a congruity of the consultation stage that began last Saturday talking about composed amicus curiae brief of legitimate specialists on the matter of protected translation submitted to the committee by HPR. 


The chamber is right now examining the composed amicus curiae brief introduced by legitimate specialists beginning from Saturday, the administrator, Meaza Ashenafi noted. In the present meeting, long-serving specialists who added to the selection, drafting and endorsement of the constitution have taken an interest. 


Educator Andreas Eshete who was an individual from the research organization which engaged with the appropriation of the draft constitution during the transitional time remarked on the established translation process and other protected issues. 


Teacher Andreas valued the committee for welcoming legitimate specialists and researchers to remark on the understanding procedure. 


Saying that the constitution has a striking motivation behind guaranteeing sway of the individuals through its immediate and aberrant support in the democratization procedure, Professor Andreas included it engages both individual and gathering rights and controls force and authority of the legislature.

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