The individuals who was detained in Akaki Kaliti sub city


The present government may keep on filling the force vacuum till the circumstance is contained and an unavoidably and electorally ordered government comes to control, Professor Alemayehu pushed. 


Chernet Hordofa, a legitimate master, said on his part leading political decision at this stage is unthinkable because of the highly sensitive situation. Notwithstanding controling the present circumstance to commonality, the legislature has an order of guarantee harmony and security first, he expressed. 


Chernet further noticed that sensible time is expected to empower all the gatherings to make arrangements and battle so as to lead the political decision. In any case, the entire thing would be a purposeless exercise. 


Consequently, it is imperative to locate a sacred arrangement that takes care of the present issue through protected translation, he underscored. Government Supreme Court President and Constitutional Inquiry Board Chairperson Meaza Ashenafi led the formal review held late yesterday evening. 


The Ethiopian Constitution specifies that the term of office for a legislature in Ethiopia is five years. As needs are, the officeholder's protected order will reach a conclusion on 10 October 2020.

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