Ferash Adash by Tesfahun Kebde Part 13


Arts TV presents an Entertaining parody called Frash Adash by the celebrated Tesfahun Kebede. "I know such countless Ethiopians that gathered all the issues of Selamta and passed them onto their kids and grandkids. Exceptionally tragic to hear that it will presently don't be distributed," Salim said. 


The Reporter took a gander at the computerized presence of Selamta, including its site which has not been refreshed since a year ago, and its commitment on Twitter through its unconfirmed record of a little more than 11,000. IG, its advanced presence, has likewise wound down to a negligible, best case scenario. 


Camerapix created various different distributions and movies for Ethiopian Airlines throughout the long term. On the off chance that the carrier has for all time halted the distribution of Selamta, at that point it certainly denotes the finish of a period … it was a great feature for Ethiopia's set of experiences, individuals, and culture.

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