Ethiopian artist Tigist Alemu's speech


Artist Tigist Alemu's discourse made the group so enthusiastic. The Dewole Heavy Truck Terminal which has been developed in Aysha Woreda of the Somali Region is said to change the calculated area in the passage and quicken financial development. 


Its proximity to the Ethio-Djibouti Railway Dewole station makes the terminal vital in encouraging strategic help, said the Transport Minister on the event, adding that 30pct of nearby travel specialist co-ops are utilizing it. The terminal will likewise set out occupation open doors for the individuals of the territory, it is said. 


It is shown on the event that the terminal has a testing place, isolate, and sterilization offices. Dewoloe Terminal which is under development at a complete expense of 55.5 Million Birr obliges 500 trucks all at once. Agent President of Somali Region, Mustafa Mouhamed Omer, to his part said that the terminal will set out plentiful financial freedom in the district and help change the vocations of the individuals in the regions.

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