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One of Africa's quickest rising Ethiopian music stars, Betty G, has been named Ethiopia's prominent supporter of the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). Betty G, who shot to fame following the arrival of her presentation collection "Manew Fitsum" in 2015, said "We have an administration that is happy to do much more for outcasts. Your voice, ability, and conspicuous job in the field of expressions will assist with growing information and consciousness of around 850,000 evacuees right now facilitated in the nation." 


UNHCR's Representative in Ethiopia, Clementine Nkweta-Salami, invited Betty G at the Agency's Country Office in Addis Ababa, in front of the vocalist's visit to an outcast camp in Western Ethiopia, taking note of that UNHCR anticipated setting out on this new and energizing joint effort to advance the order of the organization in Ethiopia to secure and serve evacuees. 


Betty G as of late picked up notoriety across Africa following her appearances in Coke Studio Africa. As a prominent supporter for UNHCR, she joins a powerful gathering in the open area who utilizes their impact, devotion, and difficult work to raise assets, mindfulness and backer for evacuees.

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