I was so sick as I read the email - Artist Hannan Tarik


In Ethiopia, and possibly likewise somewhere else, we will in general accept that if Mr. X or Mr. Y doesn't lead the association of the country so far as that is concerned, the association or nation will fall flat. Unfortunately, numerous pioneers too trust themselves to be irreplaceable. 


The 'In the event that I don't lead, at that point it will fizzle' sort of mindset is unfortunately normal. What these sorts of pioneers tragically missed is the way that in the event that the association falls flat in the event that they don't lead, at that point it is on the grounds that they have neglected to construct an association that can remain all alone. 


Genuinely talking, this isn't something to be glad for. That is dismal, without a doubt. On one hand, history is observer that our chiefs have consistently viewed themselves as key for the endurance of the country. Then again, history is additionally seen that our kin.

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