Interview with Mohammed Al-Arusi


Five vehicles were taken from the Ethiopian Customs Authority (ECA) Kality Branch a fortnight prior, dependable sources revealed to The Reporter. The vehicles were put away in the Kality stockroom, mutually oversaw by the ECA, and the Ministry of Revenues (MoR). 


The Kality Branch Office of the ECA got the report of the wrongdoing on Sunday, May 10, 2020. Despite the fact that the valuation is being done, the five taken vehicles are distinguished as a Land Cruiser, two Toyota Corollas, and two Rav4 Toyota Compact Crossover SUVs. The models, year of assembling, and different particulars of the vehicles are on the examination. 


As indicated by a more elevated level authority from the Authority, the five vehicles were held at the distribution center for different reasons including unseemly utilization of obligation-free benefits, unpaid traditions obligations, and charges just as the deferral from the side of the proprietors to clear the vehicles. 


While a group of examiners made out of the Addis Ababa Police Commission and the Authority is looking into the issue, The Reporter has discovered that one thing has been captured corresponding to the episode. Mulugeta Beyene, the delegate magistrate of the ECA for law implementation and consistency, affirmed to The Reporter that the said vehicles were taken from the Authority's distribution centers however shunned broadly expounding since the issue is still under scrutiny. 


He said that the examination is being completed by the Addis Ababa police commission and other concerned law implementation bodies. The ECA anticipates that the report should be conveyed in a brief timeframe and the insights about who carried out the wrongdoing, how it occurred, the estimation of the vehicles, just as the legitimate activities against the culprits to be uncovered after the report.

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