Stay Home Game - Part 3 - Hani Jumps 120 Ropes Blindfolded


Red-eye generally implies that the whites of the eyes seem ragged looking. This happens as a result of changes to the veins that flexibly the layer covering the front of the eye. 


The conjunctiva is the layer that covers the front of the eye and lines the eyelids. The veins of this film can enlarge, making the eyes seem blushed. 


A swollen eyelid happens when there is irritation or abundance liquid (edema) in the connective tissues encompassing the eye. Swollen eyes can be agonizing and non-difficult and influence both the upper and lower eyelids. 


There are various reasons for a swollen eye, including eye diseases, eye wounds or injury, and, most generally, sensitivities. 


The expanding of the eyelids can be an indication of an increasingly genuine, possibly sight-compromising medical issue.

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