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It has gotten a spilled letter that Somalia's Ministry of Defense has kept in touch with its Egyptian partner, affirming that it had gotten weaponry and ammo the last has given. Marked by Hassan Ali Mohamed, the Defense Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, the letter, dated February 29, 2020, demonstrated that the Ministry had gotten 13 unique kinds of guns, gunneries, and ammo from Egypt. 


"The Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Somalia confirm that this merchandise won't be exchanged to, or made accessible for use by any individual or element not in the administration of the Somali Security Forces without the composed assent of the Ministry of Defense of the Arab Republic of Egypt," the Minister of Defense of Somalia composed. 


With that, Somalia affirmed accepting an amount of 50 RPG-7 projectile launchers, 1,200 AK47s, 25 PKM automatic weapons (medium) with 100 ammo, 175 PKM assault rifles (delicate) with 700 ammo, 50 DSHK 12.7 mm, 20 expert rifleman rifles with 1,000 ammo, 6 units of 82 mm mortars with 550 ammo, 12 units of 12 60mm mortars along with 636 guns which have been conveyed to Somalia. 


This arms gift that Egypt has stretched out, as indicated by the Ministry of Defense of Somalia, is planned to be used by the administration security powers. 


Abdiqani Mohamoud Ateye, Minister of Defense of Somaliland, joining the letter which his Somalia partner composed, to the African Union, the UN and Somaliland's President Muse Bihi Abdi, joked that the administration of Somaliland is profoundly worried over the disappointments of the legislature of Somalia to maintain the UN arms ban.

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