Funny Parliament Speeches Of Meles Zenawi


Two previous Ethiopian Government authorities specifically Bereket Simon, frequently alluded as the correct hand of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and Tadesse Kassa, A.K.A. Tinkishu, is seen as liable of defilement accusations. 


The Supreme Court of Amhara Region of Ethiopia discovers Mr. Bereket Simon and Mr. Tadesse Kassa liable of the charges identified with selling half of the portion of the biggest bottling works in Ethiopia, Dashen Brewery, to an outside organization, Duet. The court finds the third individual agent and designer (Eng. Daniel Gizaw) not liable, as indicated by the state telecaster ETV report. 


Various courts in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia have been investigating the debasement allegations against the two previous authorities who were board individuals from TIRET Corporate. TIRET Corporate is possessed by Amhara National Democratic Movement as of late re-marked as, Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), which is one of the four-part ideological groups of the decision alliance, Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary (EPRDF). 


EPRDF re-marked itself as Prosperity Party this year after one of its part party Tigray people groups Liberation Front (TPLF) announced its takeoff from the new alliance.

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