Ehte Maryam and Israel Dansa the similarity and their difference and their relationships


It ought to be reviewed that following a debate between the Board and the Sidama Zone operators, the Board chose to sort out the introduction, which is endowed to occur on Wednesday 20 November 2019. 


As the information has just gotten the board, the decision will be coordinated in 1,692 stations geography, built up, and oversaw by Kebeles 598 6,000 political vocation authorities. 


In spite of the fact that voter enrollment hindered for a day as a result of collaborations related issues, the overseer demonstrated that due to tending to the issues, the enlistment technique began without any problem. 


Aside from this, the board demonstrated that the times of November 5 to 10 are apportioned for the long stretches of the battle for the illustrators of the introduction. 


So Wolaita Committee for Human Rights (WCHR), a supporter of human rights affiliation, has composed another letter, not at all like the methodology on 6 November 2019. 


The affiliation declared its tension and referenced the mediation of the essentials that go with, for instance, the Council National Electoral Ethiopia (Junta Electoral), the place of Ethiopia Federation (HOF), the Commission on Ethiopian Human Rights (ECHR ), Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the High Commission of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

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