Interview with Artist Fekreaddis and Rahel Fetu


Innovation is changing at a disturbing rate. The administration ought to receive the correct strategy to utilize innovation. We shouldn't exclusively concentrate on bringing innovation from outside, we should grasp development. 


Particularly Digital advances have wide spaces for development. We have an enormous youthful populace, with the correct strategy we can make Ethiopia the focal point of advancement. We shouldn't stress over the pace of innovation change; we should stress over the amount we are moving toward advancement. 


In the event that we become creative as a country, we won't be overwhelmed by innovation changes, rather, we can see openings through the changes. Capital: Digital economy alludes to an economy that depends on computerized registering advances, can the current framework bolster this? 


Abiyot: The current innovation is at an extremely low stage, however, it is improving. 


All our present issues are not totally ascribed to framework issues, at times, we don't utilize existing foundation productively. As of now, the legislature has settled on significant choices to redesign the innovation/the telecom part in Ethiopia. The division is opening up for rivalries. Furthermore, I accept this will assist the nation in having a superior framework.

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