Message Of Gedu Andargachew


Ethiopian government unveiled on Tuesday that the main stage filling the dam has been effectively finished after about fourteen days of substantial downpour in the nation. 


The measure of water held in the store, which is 4.9 billion cubic meters, is fit for producing electric force as right on time as one year from now. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, President Sahlework Zewde and Gedu Andargachew passed on a message saluting Ethiopians for the achievement accomplishment while calling attention to the rest of the attempts to finish the dam. 


Clergyman of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Seleshi Bekele said on Wednesday that the ebb and flow water level could run two turbines beginning one year from now, as detailed by state media – Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). 


The main period of filling the dam was finished on July 22 around 10 p.m. neighborhood time, as per the Minister. That was accomplished without interfering with the progression of water to downstream nations, he included. 


Venture finish is currently more than 73 percent and the tallness has arrived at 560 meters. 


The Minister likewise said that the development will proceed as the dam produces power with the two turbines. 


During the second period of filling, Ethiopia means to hold 13.5 billion cubic meters of water. The all out water holding limit of the dam is 74 billion cubic meters of water. 


In the interim, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan have consented to proceed with exchange on the filling of the dam. It was in the African Union-drove exchange on Tuesday led by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa that the three gatherings consented to proceed with the arrangement.

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