Seifu Fantahun Interview With Qamar Yusuf


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had a meeting with anchorperson Seifu Fantahun on the event of Ethiopian Christmas on January 7, 2020 (Ethiopia observes Christmas in the eastern – Orthodox strict custom) 


He met with him in the wake of presenting with old, handicapped, and penniless Ethiopians with occasion dinner at Emperor Menelik's Place. They met hours before the Prime Minister traveled to West Africa for an official working visit to Guinea and Equatorial Guinea where he was granted the region's esteemed Medal. 


The anchorperson suggested a conversation starter applicable to explain the incredulity of Ethiopians regarding Ethiopia's connection with inlet nations. Abiy Ahmed said nothing is new with the exception of that things turned out to be increasingly open during his organization. He said there had been participating with nations with the bay district uncommonly in the territory of insight. 


As to Seifu Fantahun appearance, he prompted him do commit time to selflessness and noble cause notwithstanding chuckling.

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