Pastor Israel Dansa talks about how one of his believer


Ethiopia is by and by at a vital crossroads or progress. What is the objective? In what way will this be cultivated? These are helpful requests that must be raised. In any case, regardless of the way that it will require time and attempts to remove the TPLF's deadly and compromising legacy and to understand an agreeable environment, the positive bearing that has been gotten in progress is totally clear. 


The TPLF club, and various vultures, are bewildered by the consistent changes. Furthermore, as they most likely know full well that their beguilement has shown up at an end, they won't keep away from contriving various plots to debilitate any change and to assuage their wayward longing for." 


Mr. Isaias said he would send an arrangement to Ethiopia for talks went for finishing their edge banter regarding the two nations "relish harmony and congruity". 


The two countries fought a war in the region of 1998 and 2000 for control of a zone. Countless people were executed or hurt.

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