The broadcast authority gave warning to EBC


Equity for Humanity Eastern Africa President, Abraham Sium said the solidarity development will initially begin in the US and Canada to pressurize the Trump organization to address its one-sided position on the dam. 


The 10-man advisory group is sorted out to advocate the issue of the dam with the view to advancing reasonable usage and participation. Development of the dam isn't an extravagance for Ethiopia rather a device for lightening destitution and improving financial development, the president noted. 


The universal network isn't, be that as it may, mindful of this reality because of bogus publicity. "By censuring the unreasonable weight of the US organization toward Ethiopia's push to lighten destitution, we will work to advance reasonable use and common advantage and voice our situation at the worldwide field," ENA cited the president as saying. 


Second era organizer in the USA, Hewan Solomon said on her part the adolescent can prepare various delegates, congressmen, representatives, and advance this sort of progress in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

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