Mekdes Tsegaye And Meseret Mebrate


The Attorney General said the nation has seen extended infringement against humankind in light of the spreading out severity composed by prepared social occasions in various bits of the country. 


The Attorney General required the enduring assistance of administrators to discard checks in two or three regional states as to keep up the standard of law. 


He further said arms managing, tax avoidance, and dispersing of fake news and detest talk have contributed antagonistically to the adequacy of the country. 


Gotten some data about the treatment of detainees, the Attorney General replied: "No detainees are tormented or kept in seclusion. We grasp customary and self-assertive surveys and guarantee that each medicinal office is open." 


Regarding the grabbed ethnic Adhara school understudies in Aroma express, the attorney general said the organization has developed an independent body that will test the issue, about criminals, and on how the detainees will be freed at the most prompt time possible.

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