Ethiopia Tezetachen On EBS Se 17 Ep 5


Geek culture in general. Regardless of whether it begins at a youthful age or grows further down the road, some take a side interest or basic intrigue and build up a way of life around it. Young people, for the most part between the ages of 15 and 30, interface and accumulate around to a typical intrigue like comic books, superheroes, or computer games. Geek Army is one such model. 


The military is made out of devoted fans energetic and profoundly educated about a specific component of mainstream society. From religion TV shows to darken Japanese anime, from comic books to enormous multiplayer web-based games (MMOG), the military is profoundly versed altogether. 


Picking up passage into the military is no simple undertaking. One must pick a point extending from funnies, books, or motion pictures, and afterward individuals seriously test the candidate's information. 


Geek Army teamed up with Eerie Inc., a group of movie producers, to create eeriecon., an outfit party occasion in Addis Ababa. Participants energetically dress as saints or reprobates from funnies, TV shows, or books. Mainstream society references flourish. The military likewise sorts out trade occasions where individuals bring outer hard drives and trade books, motion pictures, or computer games. 


Gaming days are another enormous day to gather. Sorted out by D5, a division of Arma Advertising Company, these game days are the place gamers everywhere throughout the city assemble for a couple of hours and play a game they appreciate like FIFA or Call Of Duty. The triumphant group gets a trophy and prize cash of 5000 birrs.

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