What Was Dr. Abiy's Phone Call Teddy Afro?


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Thursday that restriction government officials were attempting to misuse vulnerability made by the coronavirus pandemic to hold onto power, gambling insecurity. 


"Those pushing for illegal approaches to snatch power... will be rebuffed by law," Abiy, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, said in a recorded discourse posted on Facebook. 


"Youngsters ought not to bite the dust, moms ought not to cry and houses ought not to be obliterated just so lawmakers can take power." 


Africa's second-most crowded nation was because of hold national decisions in August that Abiy sought would give him a command after wide-going political and financial changes. 


In any case, the political race load up reported in late March that it is difficult to sort out the surveys on time in view of the pandemic. 


That implies races won't occur under the steady gaze of administrators' commands lapse in October, making what experts and restriction lawmakers portray as a political emergency.

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