Abel Birhanu daily Ethiopian news August 02,2020


Blue Nile (Abay) is the Prodigal Son of Ethiopia (and Awash the older?). Since days of yore, it has flown without a drop of utilization to the parched occupants by its bank. Gigantic floods throughout the mid-year (June-September) disintegrate an immense measure of prolific soil from the Highlands of Ethiopia and convey it downstream with which cotton and wheat are broadly developed in Egypt and Sudan. 


The name the Blue Nile or "Tikur Abay" in Amharic is an observer to the immense minerals the flood washes from Ethiopia and turns the shade of the water into the blue, blue dark, and on occasion, dark relying upon the seriousness of flooding and which course of the stream we taking a gander at. 


In Ethiopia, it neither hits the turbines of water factories nor wets the draft - split grounds it cruises by. A great many ranchers, in the region of Blue Nile despite everything rely upon food help to endure. 


The conditions at home and in the area joined used to upset Ethiopia from building up its regular assets be it underground or the surface ones.

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