Ashruka about Mekdes Tsegaye and JTV


The Turkish organization, Yapi Merkezi gave 5 tons of dry food on the side of flood casualties in the Somali local state. The dry food gift incorporates lentils, chickpeas, macaroni, and beans, it is demonstrated. 


Talking at the handover service, Minister of Women, Children, and Youth, Filsen Abdulahi said "We have been requesting and activating assets in light of the pandemic, and the Turkish government and speculators were among the individuals who approached with positive and quick reactions," 


"Turkish financial specialists," Filsen stated, "have put significant capital in Ethiopia adding to its monetary development and business creation." "Most Turkish speculators have an enthusiasm for putting resources into Ethiopia in accordance with Ethiopia's improvement technique and venture strategy," she included. 


Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Yaprak Alp on the event said that "administration, as well as our private area, met people's high expectations," including that Yapi Merkezi, one of the organizations Turkey is glad for, was participating in building a piece of the Ethiopia-Djibouti electric railroad line.

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