Ethiopians in Minnesota held big parade part 2


He vowed proceeded with help for the dam development in the interest of the individuals of the locale till the task is finished and goes completely operational. 


Filling of GERD is a memorable wonder that thwarted bad dreams of culprits who was attempting to occupy Ethiopia from using its normal assets, Ristu underlined. 


Mustefe Oumer, President of Somli Regional State, said current advancement GERD has acquired Ethiopia to chronicled section of improvement that shows more splendid fingerprints of the age. He said country's victory on the activities has uncovered barbarities of different powers that were scattering bogus purposeful publicity over the issues. 


It is Ashadli Hassen, Benshangul Gumuz Regional State President who said GERD achievement is an earth shattering triumph that has been come about because of speedy restorative estimates taken by the Ethiopian government. 


Communicating his celebratory comment to all over GERD filling progress, Ashadli called up on all Ethiopians to join hand for fruitful finish of the venture.

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