The only female air force coach, who jumped a parachute 31 times


Meeting with the female Ethiopian flying corps mentor, Captain Ida with have Seifu Fantahun. The Ethiopian Air Force (ETAF) is the flying corps of Ethiopia and the part of the Ethiopian National Defense Force. The power is entrusted with securing the public air space, offering help to ground powers, just as helping common tasks during public crises. 


The inceptions of the Ethiopian Air Force have been followed to (at that point Ras) Haile Selassie seeing a demonstration of the British Royal Air Force in November 1922, in Aden. Having never seen a plane, he was enraptured by this showing of their force and capacities. 


Also, immediately inquired as to whether he could go up in one of the biplanes, broadcasting that it was "fitting that he, as an official of Abyssinia ought to be the main Abyssinian to take off in a plane." because of this experience, he subsequently supported the advancement of the Imperial Ethiopian Air Force.

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