Musician Dawit Alemayehu surprised by Gossaye Tesfaye


Ethiopia, with its huge assortment of ethnic average experiences, can not declare to have a solitary sort of articles of clothing or social norm. 


A few experiences hardly anything, for instance, people usually utilized goat hide and attire Hamer social people Afar is a belt. 


The broadest talk and remarked on some customary articles of clothing having a spot with Ethiopia ought to be the "Habesha Kemis/Kemise" or "dress Habesha". 


Normally is made as a white, dark, or woman's dress chiffon beige as often as possible tumbles to the lower furthest points and is utilized with a shawl. 


This is the typical clothing social gatherings of individuals Habesha and as a rule, has flawlessly woven edge.

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