Daily Ethiopian news update July 21,2020


The new Human Rights Commission declaration gives increasingly monetary organization self-governance for the commission. The announcement altered the 2000 'Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Establishment Proclamation no.210' in its second uncommon meeting hung on July 14. 


The revised decree article 36 sub-articles 3 expressed that under its interior guideline gave by the Council of Commissioners the commission has full option to control its money. 


This sub-article three is new for the decree. The most established decree under article 36 sub-article 2 expressed of the monies got from the sources 


Referenced under sub-Article (1) of this Article, which state it may be spending auxiliary or different sources, a sum identical to a quarterly part, will, ahead of time, be saved at the National Bank of Ethiopia, or at another bank assigned by the Bank, and will be used, as per money related guidelines of the legislature, for motivations behind executing the targets of the Commission.

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