Zehabesha Daily News January 16, 2021


The absence of assets happened in Mekele. While monetary exercises are at a stop in Ethiopia's second-greatest city, the Interim Administration of Mekelle declared that a greater part of organizations are as yet shut and can't attempt their standard business exercises. 


"In spite of the kickoff of banks, as far as possible is obstructing dealers from purchasing and selling things, while financial exercises are yet to return to typical," Mayor of Mekelle, Ataklti Haileselassie told the Reporter. 


"The money available for use is likewise extremely low contrasted with the interest for money," he added. Business banks working in Mekelle are likewise encountering a liquidity lack, while some are as yet shut because of the nonappearance of power. "At some sub-urban areas where there is no power, occupants can't pull out cash, influencing their every day utilization," Ataklti said.

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