Ethiopia completes first year filling of GERD reservoir in 2 weeks


The virtual gathering of the AU Bureau of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government will be led by AU Chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa, likewise filling in as the President of South Africa. 


"The gathering will occur inside the setting of the AU's endeavors to reinforce the dealings and to mix new force towards the goal of all the exceptional legitimate and specialized issues, remembering the issue of things to come improvement for the Blue Nile upstream just as the future contest goal component," the South African administration said. 


Ethiopia has been attempted the development of the Grand Renaissance Dam in an offer to address the developing force request and fortify its battle against neediness. 


Reports show that 60 pct out of them all-out populace of Ethiopia has no entrance to power and ladies in country zones go far to gather kindling as a feature of endurance. Ethiopia trusts its hydroelectric dam will empower it to reduce muddled financial issues.

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