Interviews with Mrs Etagegnahu Alemayehu


In case you've never had the joy of researching Ethiopian cooking, Mitmita will be an unanticipated joy. I'll generally recollect my first time. It was in northwest D.C's Adams Morgan neighborhood a splendid spot where world social orders sway. 


On the vivacious eighteenth Street guideline drag, I climbed the stairs to the late, uncommon Meskerem, which for three decades represented as a sign for this incredible gastronomic culture. Everything was so charming and obviously non-European. Distinctive weaved pads superseded seats and we sat leg over leg foreseeing the procession of flavors that were soon to bewilder. I found that not solely was there no flatware, in any case, the whole gala had an enticing open condition. 


You eat your sustenance, not with edges, forks, and spoons, yet with injera, a tremendous floppy dull dark colored sourdough developed crepe delivered utilizing teff, an unassuming, round in every practical sense sans gluten grass that turns in the Ethiopian great nations. A limited timeframe of development makes a starter that gives it a windy surface and undeniable, welcome tang on the feeling of taste. It's thicker than a French crepe anyway more thin than an IHOP hotcake. 


Platters use immense, round injera as a base on which to serve delectable meat and vegetable stews. The room temperature flatbread is springy and easy to separate from to get together the different dishes for you to taste, and even to support your related cafés. Talk about an icebreaker. This is freestyle eating fundamentally, isolate a touch of injera, grab some sustenance just as can be normal, and pop the whole thing into your own, or a neighboring mouth. 


As my squad drives down Linebaugh scanning for the Mitmita client confronting exterior, I wonder so anybody may hear precisely the sum we'll be doused into the experience from a long time back. At the point when we show up, be that as it may, there's a ton of styles to assist you with remembering the East African culinary scene, there are extra tables and seats. Regardless, no flatware. 


We start by analyzing the house-made lemonade, which has a specific orange tone and a flawless citrusy snack that encourages me to recollect the vitality common item. There's no alcohol on the menu, so this is a better than average choice to prime your salivary organs for the treats to come.

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