Ethiopians in Minnesota held big parade


In a selective meeting with ENA, State Minister of Education Million Matewos said the tablets would assist with making the schools habitats of greatness and preparing places for grade schools in the areas. 


The ensuring materials will be furnished to all schools as a team with the Ministry of Health when the legislature chooses the resumption of schools, he included. 


"The initial two months of reviving of schools will be utilized to make up for the missed exercises in the second 50% of the year. All people groups must know that the 2020/2021academic year won't be the typical year in all manners," the state serve noted. 


Million focused on the requirement for joint effort and association of partners in the push to make helpful instructing and learning conditions as the number of understudies in a class will be diminished from the past ones and more classes will be required in the earth.

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