Interview With Taye Dendea


While Ethiopia's legislature is accusing the radical Oromo Liberation Army for a month ago's shooting demise of a well known vocalist, which started long stretches of vicious agitation, the OLA's administrator rejects any obligation and says the organization itself is blamable. 


"Our battle is to make a nation where individuals can talk unreservedly. We don't kill individuals since they express their real thoughts," Kumsa Diriba, usually known as Jaal Maro, revealed to VOA's Horn of Africa administration in a telephone talk with Wednesday. 


Hachalu Hundessa was lethally shot June 29 of every a suburb of the capital, Addis Ababa. The 34-year-old extremist artist's music had filled in as a soundtrack to hostile to government fights that brought Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to control in April 2018. He had a place with the Oromo ethnic gathering, Ethiopia's biggest, which has squeezed for self-rule of the nation's immense Oromia state and for building up Afaan Oromo as the national language. 


In reporting the captures of three presumes a week ago, Attorney General Adanech Abebe accused Hachalu's executing for the OLA, an equipped group that split away from the Oromo Liberation Front in 2018. In a telephone talk with Monday, she disclosed to VOA that the suspects admitted to being legitimately requested by the OLA to kill the vocalist to instigate viciousness between ethnic gatherings — for this situation, Oromos and Amharas. 


"We discovered passing danger text and voice messages on Hachalu's cellphone that originated from an individual who depicts himself as an individual from OLA/Shene," Adanech stated, utilizing the administration's name for the gathering. "A lady who was with Hachalu at the hour of his demise additionally distinguished the executioner." 


The OLA has combat with Ethiopia's military in Western Oromia throughout the previous two years. The Abiy organization blames the guerilla bunch for assaulting and executing regular people in Oromia and Southern Nations.

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