General Bacha Debele's speech on current situation


The conversation was held in a lobby inside the Office of the Prime Minister, within the sight of prepared individuals from the restriction, for example, Merera Gudina (Ph.D.), Beyene Petros (Prof.), Aregawi Berhe (Ph.D.) and others. 


During the conversation, a large number of them brought up issues according to the ongoing political distress in the nation and the confinement of various lawmakers. In like manner, the pioneers of the resistance ideological groups, whose individuals are as of now confined, raised a few worries about the issue and mentioned the PM to intercede. 


Be that as it may, the PM countered saying the continuous measures ought not to be considered as focusing on and debilitating the resistance ideological groups. "This is an exertion by the legislature to reestablish lawfulness; it is not the slightest bit focusing on a specific gathering or person. 


Truth be told, such a large number of individuals from the provincial government and the decision party are likewise dependent upon confinement". While contending the thought process of the ongoing detainments was to reestablish lawfulness, the PM additionally advised every ideological group, trying to expect political force, to submit to the principles of the game and the rule that everyone must follow.

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