Interview with Colonel Tsige Alemayehu on OMN


Practically all worldwide organizations have now lost their validity, because of this extraordinary disparity of interests between the managed and the rulers. For example, the entire worldwide instructive framework, generally, is currently utilized not to edify however to inculcate and indoctrinate; to ensure the crowded remains zombified. 


As science turned out to be 'huge', it additionally surrendered to the modest political control of the parasitic elites of the state of affairs. Indeed, even in the general field of technical disciplines, it appears the main certified scholarly asylum left for the profoundly intelligent is in the domains of unadulterated science. 


No big surprise the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman, working from his mom's provincial home, vehemently declined the foundation's lofty honors. He declined the Millennium Awards (a million US dollars), the Fields Medal (science's likeness the Nobel Prize), European Mathematical Societies' prize, and numerous others, that were reached out to him on the record of his fundamental verification of Poincare's guess. 


Grigori even takes steps to quit doing math if foundation deadbeats (media, governmental issues, and so forth.,) don't quite trouble him. In his own words; 'I'm not inspired by cash or notoriety; I would prefer not to be in plain view like a creature in a zoo.'

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