Lemma Megersa's Speech


Lemma's meeting with VOA Oromo language administration isn't publicized completely. The source said that it won't be broadcast until Lemma Megersa's gathering reacts to VOA – apparently questions presented to affirm and explain. 


Lemma Megersa, with his "Ethiopianism is an enslavement" discourse which he said in the night before collusion arrangement between what was Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) and Oromo People's Democratic Organization (OPDO) during a visit to Amhara area of Ethiopia, was seen by numerous Ethiopian's as one of the key chiefs of the change quantifies in Ethiopia. At the time he was the administrator of OPDO and he ventured down as executive to clear a path for Abiy Ahmed to go after Prime Minister Position inside the decision party as Lemma was not able to run for the position. 


When Abiy Ahmed made a visit to North America to meet with Ethiopians, Lemma Megersa went with him and he was additionally acknowledged as a national saint. He was painted as a political character who works for the solidarity of Ethiopia with his partner Abiy Ahmed grasping the medemer political guideline. Truth be told, he went about as though he underpins medemer. 


As of late, bits of gossip about a break between Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megersa started to surface. Out in the open, the connection between the two didn't create the impression that way as well. Abiy rather exhibited a progressively respectful signal towards Lemma. 


At the point when the bureau individuals granted Abiy Ahmed an accessory bearing Ethiopia's guide during an occasion composed to observe Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize win and the dispatch of his "medemer" book, Abiy asked consent from the bureau individuals, took the neckband off himself and granted it to Lemma Megersa. Abiy's stifled feelings were recognizable during the time. 


Picture from EPRDF official advisory group's most recent gathering called to pass a choice on the merger plan had an anecdote about Lemma Megersa. He was situated reserved on the first column and showed up as though he lifted his hand awkwardly during the decision on the merger.

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