Artist Gideon Daniel is about to receive a big gift from an investor


Ethiopian craftsman Gideon Daniel on Sunday on EBS television show. The opportunity to have a Wi-fi association set up in my home. I should say I was amazed by the speed at which the telecom staff set-up wi-fi associations in my area. Given that the area is another local location, and along these lines given that it doesn't have fixed telephone lines. 


Million years did I expect wi-fi lines to be set up this quick. With everything taken into account, it took Ethio Telecom not exactly a month to set-up fiber-optic lines in the entire area and not exactly one more month to set up wi-fi associations in homes. 


I contemplated internally that the new telecom authority is actually a decent one. It required every one of these years to finish an obviously not all that requesting task for the organization. I said to myself that initiative is key for an association to work at its best.

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