Police report on Haimanot's case


Slanted frontier period arrangements on Nile River are not satisfactory in this time as they neglect to profit all the bowl nations, specialists said. Agreeing among Nile Basin nations is urgent for impartial and sensible utilization of the Nile water assets, they expressed. 


In a selective meeting with ENA, the free analyst Meqdelawit Messay said since the beginning Egypt has forcefully controlled and cornered the Nile waters. Their civic establishments and occupations have been based on the Nile and chronicled points of reference and shameful acts have permitted them to have authority on the utilization of waters. 


This is unlawful, corrupt, and unscrupulous, the researcher stated, including that "you can't share water that has a place with eleven nations between two nations and plan to support the state of affairs for eternity." She further noticed that " generally what Egypt is asking is a continuous stream from upstream nations since it's just when the other upstream nations utilize none of the water the 1959 understanding can be set up." 


As per Meqdelawit, the social, financial, and political elements in the Nile Basin have changed essentially. "The locale used to be financially in reverse and politically flimsy. Those situations and those conditions of the upper riparian nations that couldn't utilize the waters to their advantages have now changed."

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