MnAddis News What happened to Amhara region high officials


This Amharay shaleka Tigryans abhorrences and names its amharay youngsters names. Your youngsters Getachew, Derje, Belete, Deneke (the last time you changed to Daniel, etc. Just named when a few interchange vitality Tigryan were in logical inconsistency with the structure Amharan deqi Shaleka was paying special mind to enhancements Mekelian youth . Getachew joined TPLF for a clarification. it was sent secretively employable to annihilate the engagement Tigryans. Most importantly, EPRP joined and was dynamic individual RPE when he was a substitute in the Wingate in 1969. later he drops his enrollment EPRP and TPLF joined logically significant critical. 


As a covert authority, a large portion of the TPLF shelled development in a battle zone was the consequence of his physical issue. For instance, around Megulat different Adigrat Tigrayns joined Derg shot by officers since the data was given in front of the development and when he came to TPLF Mugulat who settled shot and butcher. Regardless, the Baga honest people who were accused for it. Other than blood in his grasp and confided in annihilation of contenders Tigrayan Tigray clear, for instance, Hawaz and Atsbeha Dagnew. 


As a matter of fact, squashed TPLF essentially after Amharu and tight control Addis Amharay this double dealing didn't stop his work. He was the person who executed brilliant TPLFits, for instance, Hayelom and Kinfe. As we probably am aware General Kinfe was his chief and head of security. 


After the decimation of Kinfe, he was relegated as a main security official and he was the person who ran Melse. Regardless, bit by bit it is accepted to be Getachew the craftiness that Melse injured and dismantled. Hence, the present catch and torment of honest specialists Tigryan is proceeding with its sickening course of action to Tigryans.

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