Entertaining game with comedian Filfilu and others


First Lady Zinash Tayachew along with their relatives have planted trees at Etegie Menen Girls' Boarding School in Addis Ababa. Representative Mayor Engineer Takele Uma and other high positioning authorities have taken an interest in the planting held at the life experience school. 


Head administrator Abiy valued the city Administration and occupants of the city for effectively taking an interest in the planting meeting that occurred in a few spots of the city. 


"Addis Ababa condition legends have come out today from all pieces of the city to address the Green Legacy Difficulty. Abiy portrayed the members of the Green Legacy Challenge that occurred today in the capital as "Ecological Heroes". 


"We're part of the way through the planting season and I praise you for ascending to what the cutting edge requests of you.", he noted. The head empowered all through the nation to surpass the yearly objective set to plant 5 billion trees in this late spring season.

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