What Does Getachew Reda Say?


The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) hosts denied the overseeing gathering's allegation that it was engaged with a week ago's the homicide of a famous dissent artist – an occasion which incited vicious flights leaving around 200 individuals dead. 


"It's a level out falsehood," Getachew Reda, a representative for TPLF – which used to command the political scene – disclosed to BBC Focus on Africa moderator Bola Mosuro. 


The administering party had before blamed the TPLF and an outfitted Oromo rebel gathering of being behind the shooting of Hachalu Hundessa, the BBC composed. 


In related news, TPLF said Friday that two of its senior individuals had been confined in Addis Ababa following viciousness a week ago. The authorities from TPLF were seized by security powers in Addis Ababa, a gathering official told BBC Tigrigna. They incorporate Tewolde Gebretsadik, an individual from the gathering's focal board of trustees, and top of the Addis Ababa office of TPLF and Tesfalem Yihidego, another individual from the gathering's focal advisory group and executive Justice and Legal System Research and Training Institute.

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