Interview with Dr Meskerem Lechisa part two


The 10 man board of trustees is sorted out to advocate the issue of the dam with the view to advancing reasonable use and collaboration. Development of the dam isn't an extravagance for Ethiopia rather an instrument for easing neediness and upgrading monetary development, the president noted. 


The global network isn't, in any case, mindful of this reality because of bogus promulgation. "By denouncing the out of line weight of the US organization toward Ethiopia's push to mitigate neediness, we will work to advance reasonable usage and shared advantage and voice our situation at the worldwide field," he explained. 


Second era organizer in the USA, Hewan Solomon said on her part the young can prepare various delegates, congressmen, congressperson, and advance this sort of progress in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. 


"Probably the greatest hindrance Ethiopia has and its resident abroad is falsehood and not knowing the genuine history of Abbay/Nile. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we think about this, companions, partners, and residents of different nations would battle alongside for this reason," she expressed.

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