Abiy's successful strategy and how fruitful it got


The Force Commander of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Lt Gen Tigabu Yilma, said the operational ability of his powers and their ability to lead hostile activities against the foe stays high. 


He was talking in Baidoa on Monday, where he charged new operational vehicles and military equipment, which will include capability and increment the portability of AMISOM powers in clearing principle gracefully courses, making sure about populace habitats and debasing Al-Shabaab fear mongers in the Southwest State. 


"I am here in Baidoa to reveal our new hardware. We need to guarantee that our powers are appropriately prepared in utilizing this military equipment and can deal with it. With appropriate preparing and utilization of this gear, I have most likely that we will prevail with regards to conveying the AMISOM command," he said. 


The Force Commander was satisfied by how the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) were adequately executing the AMISOM Concept of Operations and propelling the Somalia Transition Plan. 


Under the change plan, AMISOM powers are working intimately with the Somali Security Forces in bit by bit giving over security duties of the nation in front of AMISOM's foreseen exit from Somalia.

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