Betty LTV Interview on Seifu Show


Some demand looking for political answers for difficulties requiring lawful cures. At the point when specialists are welcome to concoct functional answers for knotty protected problems, they resort to political showing off despite the fact that they could have utilized the chance to give helpful info. 


In addition, rather than making a fitting reaction when characteristic or man-caused calamities happen they rush to abuse the circumstance to score political focuses. It is helpless residents who endure the worst part of such lose-lose politicking. Many have been executed, mangled, and dislodged because of occasional internecine clashes. 


To exacerbate the situation the pandemics take steps to make the life of destitution they lead considerably increasingly pathetic. Then, government officials set on betting with the lives of general society to facilitate their plan attempt to drain the financial hardship and passings brought about by the flare-up for political addition. This is a regular case of a demonstration mocking contemporary standards. 


Over the previous week, the spread of Ethiopia has quickened at a disturbing rate. Most affirmed cases are not, at this point imported; they are the consequence of network spread. Notwithstanding broad sharpening endeavors, since the primary revealed case was accounted for on March 13, the lack of concern that has set in the public arena is demanding a substantial cost for everybody. 


It's gotten typical to see routine infringement of physical separating rules in, among others, eateries, bars, betting foundations, open transportation vehicles, spots of love, and commercial centers. Scraping at these guidelines while the pandemic is blossoming is a solicitation to the fiasco.

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