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A workshop that talks about the execution of the Reintegration Directive gave by the Government of Ethiopia on September 2018 opened today. 


The two-day workshop has united partners from legislative and nongovernmental associations intends to make mindfulness on the usage of the order and build up a guide that would assist with reintegrating the returnees through all encompassing methodology at bureaucratic and nearby level. 


In his introduction, Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs Deputy Director-General Eyob Awoke said Ethiopia has been putting forth attempts to economically reintegrate returnees. 


Absence of guide is one of the difficulties to actualize the mandate in powerful way to which the workshop will give accentuation, he included. 


EU Delegation Migration Team Leader, Sabrina Bazzanella said on her part the workshop will offer open door for trade of thoughts and experience of different partners on the approach and tasks of reintegration. 


In spite of the way that Ethiopia made a solid advance to reintegrate returnees through building up the order, a great deal stays to regulate the procedure of reintegration, she expressed. 


Reintegration is a multidimensional procedure, she noted, underscoring the need to have an all encompassing way to deal with address the financial and mental needs of returnees.

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