Update From The Ministry Of Health


All the new cases include men. Seven with movement history, seven with contact from the affirmed case, and one with no contact with an affirmed case. Most of them were from Addis Ababa. 


The UN's movement organization has informed the BBC that regarding 10,000 undocumented transients have come back to the nation larger part of them from the Middle East since Covid-19 was announced a worldwide pandemic. 


As indicated by the International Organization of Migration (IOM), the pandemic has severy affected its endeavors to make sure about the protected section of transients. 


"The arrival must be directed in a way that guarantees that vagrants remain solid all through the procedure. In this way, we're actualizing measures that we wouldn't customarily execute. 


"Our position is extremely certain that enormous transitory developments across outskirts in a pandemic setting are not fitting," said Maureen Achieng. 


The figure incorporates 11 youngsters who endure a disaster in March that killed handfuls in Mozambique while making a trip to South Africa in a delivery compartment on the rear of a lorry. 


They were released from a disconnection community on Wednesday where they were being held and are relied upon to join their families in the coming days. 


PM Abiy Ahmed today held a gathering with strict pioneers in the nation, in participation were pioneers of the Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant places of worship just as the Islamic Ulama committee.

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