Let us be the voice for Tigray people - Artist Segen Yefter


Youngsters are a power for good. They harbor such a lot of energy and potential and whenever tackled and coached, they can release groundbreaking nearby and worldwide effect. Simply ask the youngster who fabricated the first Apple PCs in quite a while carport and changed the way we as a whole work and communicate with our present reality. 


Or on the other hand the youngsters who went out in the city to request rights and opportunities and pushed the Ethiopian government to the edge of total collapse. The capability of youth is irrefutable. Exploration from the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation. 


Anyway youngsters can likewise be a power for terrible. On the off chance that their latent capacity and energy are piped into more evil goals – they can turn to drugs, brutality, annihilation of property and business, destroying families, and disintegrating the texture that holds society together.

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