Taye Bogale's message to Qeerroo


Quick after the main the current pandemic case distinguished in Ethiopia, untamed life preservation and insurance exercises in different parks have decelerated which made open doors for a poacher to chase and slaughtered the elephants," he said. 


The Director-General clarified that the Authority is currently attempting to forestall the murdering of the elephants. He encouraged that joint effort of all gatherings including general society is expected to control the circumstance. He reviewed that 10 elephants have likewise executed a year ago in Ethiopia and asked for open and universal coordinated effort to control the circumstance. 


"Ethiopia is an individual from the International Community for Protection and Conservation of Elephants. So as a part we are endeavoring to control the circumstance in a joint effort with our worldwide accomplices. The issue is a worldwide issue that needs universal mediation," he said. 


As per information from the Authority, Ethiopia had in excess of 10,000 elephants during the 1970s, be that as it may, lately, the quantity of elephants in the nation declined to 1500 to 2000.

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