What's Palm Reading?


I had never had my palm perused until I met with Parvati the palmist a week ago. Actually, I've never had my tarot cards read, never investigated a precious stone ball, never had my fortune told, never had a soothsayer outline my stars. Along these lines, you could have essentially considered me an absolute tenderfoot when it went to the universe of divination. However, last Thursday, the entirety of that changed when a lady with ice-blue eyes and long silver hair strolled into our office… 


I discovered Parvati, a palm peruser, tarot card peruser and star sanction behind Add A Psychic to Your Party, through an application called Thumbtack, which is fundamentally a Craig s-List-meets-Task-Rabbit that sends talented experts to your home. You can Thumbtack anything—from tennis exercises with a tennis star to a one-on-one cooking class with a culinary specialist to open talking exercises with a genuine speaker (really cool, right?). At the point when I was perusing the application and saw palm peruser as one of their administrations, my interest bamboozled me, and I put it all on the line. Before I knew it, Parvati was en route to our office and I was getting out my scratch pad to get ready to write down any tips she may give me for how to do a palm understanding myself. Along these lines, out of appreciation for now being Halloween, I thought I'd share a few hints for how you can become familiar with the rudiments of palm perusing (so you can intrigue your companions this Halloween!). Are you game? Your future is getting exceptionally obvious to me now…

How To
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