Abel Birhanu Daily News May 21, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has carried life to a stop over the world as an ever-increasing number of nations have started to embrace extraordinary measures to hinder the pace of the disease. This has implied leaving behind a recognizable lifestyle and some essential opportunities as fast as the infection is spreading. Plainly, we are in an unfamiliar area. War has arrived, and an unholy one at that: In the battle against this pandemic, there is no miscreant to denounce and triumph over or ethical high ground to guard, nor is there an assurance that we will come out solid. 


In an ongoing opinion piece for the Financial Times, Arundhati Roy composed: "Generally, pandemics have constrained people to break with the past and envision their reality once more. This one is the same." These are significant words, anyway in such an undertaking we should not dismiss the qualities that educate who we are as a country, just as our desires for majority rule government. Since how we battle this pandemic will uncover our character as Ethiopians and as individuals. 


As Ethiopia as of late left on a majority rule progress, it must take care to protect its incipient organizations. We are stood up to with some intense exchange offs. In such a manner, the administration ought to be guided by a basic to secure lives yet additionally freedom, particularly so with the measures it embraces to battle COVID-19.

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