Taye Bogale About OMN


Taye Bogale is a man with a crucial, discover, uncover, challenge and bring down pseudo-educated people and fakes, the individuals who march fantasies as Ethiopian history, fabricators of misrepresentations, void barrels, political pioneers, self-advancing extortionists with counterfeit scholastic abbreviations after their names and online life jokes, boneheads and blockheads. 


To this crowd of scalawags, Taye Bogale is the rage of God. 


To the individuals who respect him, he is the quintessential scholarly whose lips dribble with downpours of unquestionable realities and dangerously sharp examination about Ethiopian history. 


He talks about reality, to control, however in particular to the individuals who are eager for power, power-parched, power agents, power insane, and mental aptitude tested. 


Taye Bogale as of late burst on the Ethiopian scholarly scene like a thunderclap on a reasonable summer evening. 


He has been unobtrusive, out of general visibility, lecturing the ethics of Ethiopiawinet, solidarity, and open responsibility for a considerable length of time as an educator and a periodic government official. He has instructed in secondary schools and universities. He says his most noteworthy gift is to be an educator. 


Be that as it may, he was not generally known in the Ethiopian diaspora.

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